UTC is the collective force behind Utah’s technology ecosystem, giving technology companies a powerful, unified voice as it fosters support from business, government, education and community leaders. Technology CEOs and senior business leaders join UTC to impact the growth and vitality of their companies, strengthen the skills of their workers, gain valuable access to key resources, and positively impact the region in which they operate. Government organizations join UTC to stay tuned into the current needs of their powerful business constituents. Education leaders join UTC to stay up on requirements of the tech industry and design programs and curricula to prepare the rising workforce. Investors and financial institutions join UTC to ensure Utah’s business climate stays conducive to the success of their portfolio tech companies. Service providers join UTC to gain exposure to technology companies and help contribute to their success. By combining our voice as an industry, UTC is able help businesses grow faster in a vibrant, healthy technology ecosystem, which improves the likelihood of their success in Utah and attract talent to the state for high tech jobs.
John Knotwell
President and CEO

Elizabeth Converse
Director of Strategic Communications and Partnerships

Heather Lynes
Director of Events and Programs

Dave Smart
Membership Director

Stephanie Darrow
Membership Director

Mark Jaggi

Matt Appel

Henry Gardner
Corporate Relations

Natalie Fullmer
Finance and Events Assistant

Lindsey Kvasnicka
Office Manager

President, Sprout Marketing

In nearly 20 years of involvement with UTC, I have seen time after time an organization that is able to bring together Utah’s best and brightest to solve some of the state’s toughest challenges.