UTC Strategic Priorities

UTC has established a set of strategic priorities that the organization believes are essential for navigating the fast-changing technology climate and positioning Utah among the most tech-friendly states in the nation. Each of our strategic priorities align closely with our key initiatives and are supported by state business, government, education and private equity leaders.

Expand the Talent Pipeline

Utah businesses constantly face a shortage of talent to fill many high-paying, hi-tech positions. Temporarily, the gap must be fulfilled by out-of-state talent or overseas contract workers. To help Utah businesses keep hi-tech jobs in Utah, UTC works with education leaders in K-12 and public universities to support STEM education initiatives and create greater incentive for students to become engineering majors that will be prepared to fill jobs with Utah tech companies.

Enhance the Business Climate

The biggest impediment to economic growth often stems from a lack of cohesive vision between business, government and education leaders. UTC recognizes that each sector plays an important role in the state's economic development and working in tandem with a shared vision can be mutually beneficial to everyone involved. Since its inception, UTC has helped to identify that shared vision and made facilitating a tech-friendly Utah a strategic priority that everyone can get behind.

Foster Innovation

It is often stated that "necessity is the mother of invention" and the same could be said for innovation. UTC aims to create an environment in Utah that encourages innovation to solve problems. This includes making it easier to get funding and making the state an attractive place for innovative tech companies. The combined efforts of many over the last 26 years have helped Utah rank 3rd nationwide for engaging entrepreneurship and innovation.