UTC focuses on 3 key initiatives to fill the needs of business, government and education

Utah business leaders are eager to fill high-paying, skilled positions but are constantly met with a talent shortage, education leaders want to prepare students to compete in the workplace and obtain the skills to qualify for those very jobs, and government leaders want to implement legislation that fosters a vibrant economy in Utah, and investors want to cut through unnecessary restrictions to support growing companies. UTC brings these groups together to create and lobby for initiatives that benefit each group.


Universities throughout the U.S. consistently have a shortage of engineering students to fill thousands of high-paying technology jobs, creating a shortage which is usually filled by contract workers overseas. UTC works with Utah’s public universities to create education initiatives that encourage greater enrollment in engineering majors with an emphasis on attracting more female students, who currently make up only 15% of all engineering majors nationally. UTC’s engineering initiative:

  • Lobbies for a more inclusive admittance process into engineering majors
  • Supports application-based courses that prepare students to fill high-paying job s
  • Encourages implementation of engineering courses in K-12 education


Stronger math and science skills are a must for tomorrow’s technology workforce. UTC created the STEM Action Center to help support teacher professional development and excite students with STEM opportunities, by providing effective STEM education/digital learning tools to public K-12 classrooms. The end goal is to help Utah’s students become better prepared to compete globally for jobs today and tomorrow.

  • A collective effort between industry, government and education
  • Remains UTC’s #1 legislative priority
  • Aligns education with economic goals of the state

Utah Fund of Funds

The Utah Fund of Funds is a $300 million State of Utah economic development program aimed at providing access of alternative or non-traditional capital to Utah entrepreneurs. The Utah Fund of Funds will not invest money into any company or individual but rather will invest in venture capital and private equity funds that commit to establishing a working relationship with the Utah Fund of Funds, Utah’s start-up and business community and commit to making investments in qualifying companies. The Utah Fund of Funds will invest in venture capital and private equity funds located both in Utah and outside Utah.

  • Highly-significant entrepreneurial economic development legislation
  • Massive improvement to the capital structure of the state’s early-stage funding
  • Fund increase of $100 million to $300 million