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Join us for the 2017 Intermountain CFO Summit hosted by Advanced CFO!

Join us for The 2017 Intermountain CFO Summit hosted by Advanced CFO on September 27. Learn from respected executives and experienced financial professionals in the industry during this summit. As part of the keynote event, we will have top CEOs discuss what they expect of their CFOs and how to work hand-in-hand: Ben Peterson of BambooHR Sam Bernard of Purple John Dudash of Mitylite Enjoy breakfast, expand your personal network with other financial professionals, and continue learning with breakout workshops focused on helping you gain additional perspective on the ever-changing world of finance. CPE Hours will be available SCHEDULE 8 [...]

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Veracity Solutions announces Marva Sadler as new President and CEO

Veracity Solutions, helping leaders and makers of software create better software every time through Blendsourcing™, announces the appointment of Marva Sadler as President and CEO, effective immediately. Sadler has been Veracity’s Chief Financial Officer since October 2012. In January of 2017 she also assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer. Additionally, Sadler brings a wealth of prior experience to Veracity, where she has held C-level executive and President roles at a number of fast-growing companies such as Bain & Company, Marakon Associates and Franklin Covey. “I’m excited for this new opportunity,” says Sadler. “During the past five years, we’ve built [...]

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Science at Breakfast with Assistant Professor Nitin Phadnis – 9/14

Genomic Conflicts and the Origins of Species Speciation, the process by which one species splits into two, involves the evolution of reproductive barriers such as the sterility or death of hybrids between previously interbreeding populations. Even in his masterpiece “On the Origin of Species”, Darwin could find no satisfactory solution to the apparent paradox of why natural selection would tolerate the onset of genetic barriers that diminish the prospect of successful reproduction such as hybrid sterility and inviability. He therefore termed this problem the "mystery of mysteries”.  Read more... Science at Breakfast presents Nitin Phadnis, Assistant Professor of Biology Thursday, [...]

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