What the Parity Pledge means to Homie

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What the Parity Pledge means to Homie

We hire who we know, and relationships start with conversations

At Homie, we believe in grass roots, transparency, and disrupting ineffective establishments. Having battled an entrenched industry for the past two years, we’ve come to believe that large and successful change efforts start, not with those in power, but with conversations among friends. Change doesn’t happen when a leader announces a plan. Change begins deep inside a system, when a few people notice something they will no longer tolerate, or respond to a dream of what’s possible.

The parity pledge is such a conversation, a way for people who have noticed and care about the disparity in the number of women in executive positions to enter a discussion. At Homie, this conversation has gone beyond “interview at least one female for every VP and above slot.” Our CEO, Johnny Hanna, has encouraged a more grass-roots approach. It starts with our VPs and C-suiters connecting to as many experienced and qualified women as possible through LinkedIn and other networking means. Then, when it comes time to interview for a new position, they’ll naturally know quite a few women who would do an excellent job. That’s when the parity pledge shifts from lip service to true culture change. As a company who exists to disrupt antiquated ways of doing things, we welcome a more inclusive environment that provides more individuals with growth opportunities matching their abilities, which will translate into more effective, prosperous businesses.


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