Why I will be at Silicon Slopes 2018 Tech Summit

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Why I will be at Silicon Slopes 2018 Tech Summit

We’ve all gone to those conferences where, by the end of the first morning, we are questioning why we haven’t already made our way to the hotel pool to avoid one more droning conversation, one more irrelevant presentation or less than dynamic speaker. The lighting is mediocre, the chairs are uncomfortable, and you’ve been staring at the back of a stranger’s head so long you are convinced you have every hair memorized.

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is NOT that conference.

Utahns are genuinely excited about the rapid growth of the state’s tech scene. Investors have not only taken notice, but are funneling billions into local companies and startups. The culture of creation and innovation, combined with the amazing quality of life that Utah offers puts us at peak opportunity for progress.

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is a place for entrepreneurs, leaders, software developers, sales professionals, project managers, UX Designers, People Operations and so many others to come together to learn, connect and serve.

The second annual conference for the worldwide tech community has 6 tracks and specified breakout sessions allowing you to tailor your experience toward your professional goals or your role. With more than 75 speakers and award winning entertainment, there’s something for everyone.

The culture within our developing community is unlike many others. We believe our competitors are our closest allies. We are committed to learning from one another, supporting one another, and making this community the best it can possibly be.

Join me and thousands of others as we come together to learn from the innovators, the dreamers, the risk takers and the creators who have helped shape the art of the possible. Attend Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2018. See you at the Salt Palace on January 18th & 19th.


John Knotwell, CEO & President


*Members of Utah Technology Council can receive a significant discount on tickets to Silicon Slopes 2018 Tech Summit by reaching out to membership director Dave Smart at dsmart@utahtech.org*

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