Computer Science: Every Classroom, Every Age

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Computer Science: Every Classroom, Every Age


It was last October that I sat across from Aaron Skonnard, CEO of Pluralsight and former UTC board member, as he shared his vision for Utah’s educational future. The goal: computer science offered in every classroom at every age.

As our economy changes, our education must change as well. Utah needs to invest in the digital future, to ensure that all our students have exposure to the skills desired in future workforces. Computer science is more than coding, it is creativity and innovation – problem solving through experience where the solutions are as unique as each individual student.

For more than 20 years, UTC has been dedicated to educating Utah’s future workforce to meet the growing demands of innovation economy. From STEM in k-12 to Engineering initiatives in our colleges and universities, UTC has brought together stakeholders in the private and public spheres to solve Utah’s problems. This is no different.

Thanks to our amazing partners at the State Board of Education, a task force has been created with the goal of ensuring access to every school in the state. Duties will include doing a gap analysis of the computer science offerings currently available and how rural areas can better provide access. It’s a heavy lift to meet this need, and one that we relish.

We want to thank the ongoing work of all those at the Utah State Board of Education, its board members, education professionals, and industry leaders as we continue to identify and solve the problems of tomorrow, today.



John Knotwell, President and CEO

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