10 Years, 10 Offices at Instructure

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10 Years, 10 Offices at Instructure

10 Years Ago, Josh Coates, an entrepreneurial founder, had an idea to create a learning management system that was easy to use and created from the ground up to be awesome. Instructure now has more than 3000 learning institutions using their platform. In this, their 10th year of operation (founded in 2008) the company has more than 1100 employees across the globe and their 10th office is right here in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

The second campus in Utah will be home to more than 400 employees focusing on worldwide technical support and software engineering. Unlike the ribbon burning at their office in Cottonwood Heights (see that awesomeness here), this ribbon burning was far less dramatic, but also didn’t get the local fire marshal out of the office either!

The offices are open, natural, inviting and warm and representative of the innovation community that continues to grow here. We look forward to the success of Instructure and our greater tech community.


John Knotwell, President & CEO

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