FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Meets with Utah Tech Leaders

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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Meets with Utah Tech Leaders

Yesterday, UTC hosted Congresswoman Mia Love and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for a round table discussion with Utah tech leaders on important issues facing our industry. There was no agenda, no pre-submission of topics, and the Chairman answered rapid fire questions on net neutrality, throttling, antitrust, privacy laws, and many more.


Congresswoman Love and Chairman Pai were clear for the reason for their visit: to build good policy, Congress needs good input from real people working in the fields they are attempting to regulate.

More than net neutrality – Utah needs an ever strengthening infrastructure to ensure that our state and our country can provide jobs and education to anyone who needs them. That issue is one at the heart of UTC’s mission to build the strongest, most inclusive, and most connected innovation community in the country.

Where would you like to see the Congresswoman and the Chairman focus? Comment below.


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