Board Chair Kathryn Murphy’s Annual Members Meeting Remarks

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Board Chair Kathryn Murphy’s Annual Members Meeting Remarks

Nearly three decades ago, the technology community, small but mighty, came together. They felt it necessary to align resources to support initiatives that would make the tech community stronger and set themselves up for some amazing growth. Fast forward to today. Utah’s economy is strong, with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that has become a hallmark of our success. As we turn the page on UTC’s history, we reflect on what brought us together in the first place and recommit to that goal.

I’m excited to lead UTC through a necessary evolution. One that will put Utah’s tech community first. Late last year, we selected a new leader. John Knotwell is an industry veteran, with more than a decade of experience in our local tech companies and a passion for keeping Utah strong. Under his leadership, we know we will see a revitalized, rejuvenated and better UTC. Together with him, the UTC Board of Trustees commits to building the strongest, most inclusive, most connected innovation community in the country. It is an aspirational goal that we know we can achieve if we put our collective will behind it, and we need your continued support to do it.

Our heritage is one where risk takers and innovators have come together and collaborated to build something for all of us, both now and in the future. As we enter this new era, we come together again for the same purpose. I express my gratitude, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, for your support of UTC now and in the future.


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